About Us

Butler Beans Coffee was established in April 2022. Veteran-owner Chad Sutherland surprised his lovely wife with a new "hobby" as she arrived home from vacation. Chad was initially interested in brewing beer, but after researching, he decided the craft would involve too much equipment. As Chad’s interest in coffee roasting grew, so did his generosity as he began taking on more significant roasting projects to gift and supply family and close friends. As word spread about the quality of his product and demand grew [thanks to our wonderfully loyal customers], so did the need for more extensive and more efficient roasters, which created the opportunity to expand the variety of the beans, roasts, and flavors offered today. Butler Beans Coffee provides a truly customized coffee experience to meet every customer’s taste.

Fun Facts:

  • In its rapid growth, Butler Beans Coffee has grown from a “cottage food producer” to a Certified Commercial Food Wholesaler.

    • Cottage Food Producer through the Minnesota Department of Agriculture MDA registration allows registrants to produce and sell consumable products and provides guidelines to keep you safe. 

    • Wholesale Food Processors/Manufacturers are inspected by the Manufactured Food Program within the Food and Feed Safety Division and provide consumable products for resale to other businesses.

  • In November 2022, Butler Beans expanded to offer various delightful tea options to be inclusive to non-coffee-drinking caffeine and non-caffeine lovers.
  • If you’re visiting Starbuck, Minnesota, stop in for a hot cup of Butler Beans Coffee at Neon Loon. In July 2023, Neon Loon became Butler Beans' first wholesale customer.

    • Silver Birch Gift Shop in Hibbing, MN, carries a variety of Butler Beans Coffee.

    • You can also find Butler Beans Coffee in any Minnesota North Campus Bookstore.

  • In November 2023, Butler Beans Coffee collaborated with Bemidji Brewing to develop the seasonal Espresso Porter. 

  • Butler Beans Coffee sponsored the Path Blazers Snowmobile Club for the 2024 season.

  • Butler Beans Coffee carries a variety of chocolatey goodness and coffee and tea accessories.

  • Butler Beans Coffee also offers DECAF in all the flavored coffee options. 

  • Butler Beans Coffee also provides fundraising and wholesale opportunities catering to the diverse palates of coffee enthusiasts and tea aficionados.


Thank you to the Shooting Stars Dance Team for letting us assist you with your recent fundraiser.

A special thank you to the many companies who chose to give Butler Beans Coffee as employee gifts during the Holidays.


Chad still decided to brew beer!